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NGO Directories Online

Many of those interested in working internationally are interested in working in the non-profit, development, and/or aid-related sectors with non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The links below are to searchable/browsable NGO directories freely accessible online. Most of the directories are based on affiliation but not geographically bound. The degree to which you can customize your search of the databases varies widely.

Please note: These are not job/opportunity directories but instead are meant as a resource for those seeking to learn more about organizations doing work in fields and countries of interest.

ABONG - Associação Brasileira de Organizações Não Governamentais

China Development Brief: Directory of International NGOs in China

China Development Brief: Chinese NGO Directory

Choike Directory: A Portal on Southern Civil Societies

Directory of Development Organizations

Idealist.org - Organization Search

Japan NGO Directory

Reuters AlertNet - Member Directory

US Agency for International Development Private Voluntary Organizations Registry

World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations Directory

If any of the links above are broken, or if you have a directory you'd like to suggest for inclusion, please email Go Global!

Page updated June 16, 2014.

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