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OMG!! What the heck did you do?!?

For one thing, you did exactly the opposite thing that you were supposed to do because this isn't the page you were looking for. Maybe you're just not a very good looker... or maybe you just typed something silly in the address bar because you're a silly person.

Actually... we've overhauled our entire website and are rebuilding it from the ground up, so you're probably just following a bookmark or a link that's no longer active.

So allow us to apologize for the inconvenience and request your patience as we begin to put the site back together: bigger and better than ever!!

And if you are looking for a resource previously available on the site and are interested in seeing it brought back (sooner rather than later) please email Go Global! with the url and/or a brief description of what you're looking for, and we'll definitely do what we can!!

All the latest on what is (and will be) available can be found on GG!'s homepage.